ShipSafe Marine Equipment ltd. ”  Keeps the biggest stock of  " Yokohama Rubber Fenders " and  " Seaflex "Hoses in Europe and supplies, from its warehouse in the Piraeus port area, Yokohama fenders of sizes from 0.5m diameter up to 3.3m  and of lengths from 1.0m up to 6.5m, high strength fender protection nets made of chains and aircraft tires for long life. 

The company also provides rental services as well as repair, maintenance and installation handled by experienced and skilled personnel on-site and worldwide.


The “YOKOHAMA Pneumatic Fender” was developed in 1958 based on a rubber company's technology for automobile tires and rubber aircraft fuel tanks. Since then, “YOKOHAMA” has been another word for “Pneumatic Fender”. We have the world's best technology that other companies can not compete with, so we could supply more than 60,000 fenders worldwide both for ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock operations. YOKOHAMA Pneumatic Fender is simply
the best. Nothing can touch it. It keeps on evolving and significantly increasing the safety of operations.

Yokohama Pneumatic Floating Fenders

Yokohama Fender Ship-To-Ship OperationYokohama Fender Ship-To-Ship Operation


Yokohama Fender Sling Ship to DockYokohama Fender Sling Ship to DockYokohama Fender Type I Ship to DockYokohama Fender Type I Ship to Dock