The name of “YOKOHAMA” is well known in the marine field as the manufacturer of YOKOHAMA PNEUMATIC FLOATING FENDERS. The fenders appeared on the market almost forty years ago and as of today more than 10,000 PCs of large (2.5 to 4.5 meters 

diameter) fenders have been used for Ship to Ship (STS) transfer operation at seven seas.

With this background, SEAFLEX STS HOSE from YOKOHAMA has become popular as support product for the safety STS transfer operation. They are specially designed for the offshore use by YOKOHAMA getting advises from captains who know the operating condition and requirements to the products very well. Design concepts of SEAFLEX STS hose, aiming to be suit for safety offshore operation, are as follows.

A. Heavy duty design – Safety factor of pressure strength to the operating pressure shall be more than five, i.e., their minimum burst pressure is 1250
psi (operating pressure 250 psi x 5). 
B. No permanent deformation – Helix wire free construction– Deformation shall not remain permanently even though the hoses get kink by rough
bending and deformation by slight vacuum during the operation.
C. Electrically semi-continuous



Seaflex marine hoses are designed with the help of computer-aided analysis, manufactured by a highly 
skilled workforce in state-of-the-art facillities in Japan and subjected to the strictest quality control. 

The result is top-line performance. That's why we have so many customers.

The survivability and reliability of offloading hoses in rough seas or during severe sea conditions 
provide an excellent indication of how good the hoses really are. Since its Seaflex Marine Hose™ was introduced to the industry from 1960, YOKOHAMA has been well known for delivering one of the best quality flexible rubber hoses for offshore crude oil loading and discharging in the world.